- General Announcements -

Letter to Club Members and Wildcat Valley Facility Users re: Covid-19

 April 1 General Meeting Cancelled, New Member Voting to occur on May 6th General Meeting
March 25th Exec Meeting Also Cancelled. ****

Event Cancellations:

March 21 - Cowboy Action Match
March 28 - Highpower Workday
March 22 - ICORE Match
March 25 - Exec Meeting
March 29 - Swap Meet
April 1 - Club Meeting
April 4 - USPSA Match
April 5 - RFS Match (Rimfire Falling Steel)
April 4 - Highpower Match
April 11 - IDPA Match
April 12 - NRL 22 Match


***** 1/28/2020 : The change to opening the gate at the Club from key entry to proximity card was accomplished January 27, 2020.

To activate the gate, your access card must be within an inch or so of the key pad. You should see a green light when it activates. It takes a few seconds for the card to activate after it has been read by the system and another few seconds for the gate to begin to open.

If anyone has difficulty with their card working properly, contact Jerry Brown at 765-743-3816 or 765-427-1188. *****

****  2020 Club Calendar is available.  *****

- Operations Officer Announcements -

** Due to a price increase of clay targets, the cost will raise to
$3.00/member per round of trap & skeet, and $6 for non-members**

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