- General Announcements -

**** GATE NOTICE - Electronic circuit board controlling gate suffered lightning damage. Gate is temporarliy padlocked, and must be opened manually with club key.  *****

**** Calendar Change - Personal Protection Course moving from Sept. 30th to October 22nd *****

**** New Range Rules Approved at April General Meeting, Personal Steel Target Instuctions Added: Available here. *****

** 2017 Club Calendar is available. **

Please note that the 2017 Printed Calendar mailed to club members contained errors for the below dates.
These have been corrected in the version above.

Events Removed from Printed Calendar:
September 2nd (No Multigun Setup)

Events Added (Not on Printed Calendar):
September 9, RMC State Championship match @ 8:00 AM

Action Pistol Scores available:
May 2016, June 2016, September 2016, October 2016

- Operations Officer Announcements -

No Announcements At This Time

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